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Josh Alex calls the vibrant city of New Orleans home but currently resides in Houston, Texas. His journey into visual storytelling traces back to the heart of his family's haven, 'In The Master’s Hands Salon.' Amidst the rhythm of hair dryers, the allure of fashion and beauty portraiture captured him through glossy magazine pages. This fascination led to a pivotal moment—buying his first camera and initiating his artistic journey.

Dedicating himself to honing his craft, Josh immersed himself in the world of photography. His quest focused on capturing the unique beauty and individuality from the salon, using his camera as a tool to showcase the stories, emotions, and remarkable diversity within black culture.

With over a decade of mastery in photography, videography, content creation, and creative direction, Josh's expertise is defined by visionary leadership. Renowned for crafting visuals that transcend expectations, his portfolio features diverse clients, businesses, and brands. Through meticulous consultations unraveling the intricacies of unique visions, he tailors expert solutions to meet specific business and branding needs.


Josh takes pride in fostering lasting client relationships through unwavering commitment and high-quality service. His journey is adorned with impressive placements in esteemed publications like The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, MTV News, VH1, and BET. Reflecting on his beginnings, gratitude fills him for the path that shaped him into a storyteller with a camera.

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